Worship, Prayer, and Testimonies, Part 1

The video of this time is also in the EEF Playlist.  In this part of the meeting, Lawson interviewed Sarah Eckhardt who is a curator at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  She gives us a review of the wonderful show which she assembled at the VMFA on art by African Americans. In this segment also, we had sharing by Murray, Leslie, and Beth about Mother's Day and what it means to be a mother.

Here are the slides presented by Sarah:

PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.001 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.002 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.003 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.004PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.005 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.006 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.007 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.008


PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.009 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.010 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.011 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.012 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.013 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.014 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.015PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.016 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.017 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.018 PB_IS_SoP_EEF2014short.019