The Story of Sin

Percy Strickland continues the series on The Greatest Story Ever Told by telling the sad (but hopeful) story about "Earthy" and "Lively" (Adam and Eve) messed up in the Garden of Eden and brought in shame, fear, and broken relationships into the world.  And then he tells the second story, also sad, but hopeful, about "Productive" (Cain) and "Misty" (Abel) when  lies, misplaced anger, and displacement is the result of the murder of one brother by the other.  At the end of the message, Corey Widmer shares how God made a way for redemption for mankind even in the beginning.  These stories are found in Genesis, chapters  2:16 through 4:16 (NRSV)  While listening to the sermon, you can look at the slides that Percy prepared by clicking on this link: The Story of Sin Slide Show