As a church community, many of us join in on the same daily Bible reading plan called The Moravian Texts. These can be delivered to your email inbox every morning by going to this link, you can download an ebook version, or you can purchase a hard copy for the entire year by going here.


To get the weekly Hospitality volunteer schedule for our Large Gatherings, check out our Hospitality schedule page.


At East End Fellowship, we are committed to serving the poor and the disadvantaged. One need for the members of our community is employment and resources to help them overcome the issues that stand in their way of being gainfully employed. This link will take you to a list of resources our Mercy Team has put together to connect you with established non-profits in the Richmond area that are dedicated to helping those in need.  If you have other resources that you can offer, or job opportunities, or questions of how we can best serve you, please contact us at


Each summer EEF partners with Arrabon for an urban songwriting internship that reflects the heart of what God is doing here in the east end of Richmond. Urban Doxology is but one window into the kind of music that we produce.

You can purchase the album here.


The primary focus of Urban Hope is to partner with families who seek affordable rental housing and/or home ownership. The support Urban Hope provides to renters and future home owners comes through collaborations with caring community residents, local churches, and local organizations interested in such work. For more information, you can visit Urban Hope's website here. 


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We partner with CHAT, a non-profit that features after-school programs, including tutoring, life skills classes, youth leadership opportunities and summer activities. Church Hill Academy, a local private high school, and Tiny Tykes preschool, a local private preschool, are also a part of CHAT. To get connected to one of CHAT's programs or for opportunities to volunteer with CHAT, you can visit CHAT's website here.