East End Fellowship is a multi-ethnic, economically diverse Christian church in the east end of Richmond, seeking God's joy and justice for our neighborhoods. We meet for a worship service each Sunday at 4pm at the Robinson Theatre, as well as have weekly Missional Communities that meet on various weeknights throughout the week. 

We want to see more of God's Kingdom come here in the east end, as it is in heaven. We believe that discipleship (the process of someone becoming like Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit) is the key to everything we are about as a church, and so much of our time, energy and resources is poured into discipleship. There is no Plan B!

We want every man, woman and child to know the Father, to be part of his spiritual family as a disciple of Jesus, and to join in his mission through the Holy Spirit in this city he so loves. Another way of saying this is we want to make disciples of Jesus who then go and do the same in the east end of Richmond and beyond.

If you're someone hoping to find out more about Jesus or how he wants to put the world back together, or if you're looking for a church family that puts discipleship at the center of everything, we'd love to have you join us.



Our structure and life flows from our mission:


We worship together in a large gathering each Sunday afternoons where we sing, pray, submit to God's Word, hear stories of God breaking through, take communion together and share a meal.


We walk together in Missional Communities throughout the week that are creating spiritual families that orient their lives around Jesus and his mission. This includes discipleship, prayer, mission, spiritual mentoring, mutual encouragement and support, all while building relationships across cultural and ethnic lines.


We work together for the joy and justice of our neighborhood through existing ministries, Missional Communities, ministry teams, through civic associations, neighborhood involvement, and relationships.


If you would like to read more about how our church started, our values, networks and beliefs, you can do so by clicking here.


We believe in having a plurality of leadership, which is the Biblical understanding of shared leadership through elders, pastors and deacons, along with Missional Community leaders, all sharing in the responsibility of local church leadership, with Jesus Christ serving as the 'head' of his Church.


Don Coleman
Amy Popovich
Shekinah Mitchell
Greg Olson
Murray Withrow
Lawson Wijesooriya
Percy Strickland


Don Coleman/Lead Pastor
Doug Paul/Pastor
Erin Rose/Worship Director
Rashad Lowery/Youth Pastor
Becca Granger/Children's Pastor
LaToya Fox Obasi/Church Administrator
Orlando Palmer/Music Director
Alex Sawyer/Sound and Visual Director



Alicia Cundiff
David Clarke
Lea Whitehurst
Caitie Rountree Chan

Mercy Deacons 

Richetta Armstead
Florence Coleman
Nikki Fernandes
Demetrius Mitchell
Amy Schad




Susie Flowers
Amy Schad
Stephen Popovich
Don & Florence Coleman

Clay & Alicia Cundiff
Romesh & Lawson Wijesooriya
Jonathan & Caitie Chan
Sam & Sara Tuttle
Bobby & Brenda Vickers

David Bailey
Nathan & Amy Callaway
Rob & Liz Denison