In April of 2016, we began a journey, exploring the 5-year vision we believed God gave our church as we walked through the teaching series The God Who Builds. To commemorate this new chapter of our church life together, we even commissioned an original piece of art from Richmond muralist Jonathan Ashe. That summer, following this teaching series, an All-Church vision retreat, a 33 day fast and a month dedicated to prayer and listening to God, we gathered together and committed ourselves to God and his Kingdom coming in our neighborhood, responding in loving, faithful obedience to the God who builds.


We want every man, woman and child to have an opportunity to be a disciple of Jesus and to live in the joy and justice of his Kingdom.
— EEF Vision Statement

To listen to that sermon series, follow this link to access Part 1 of the series. 



Our vision revolves around 6 themes, which are represented by these icons (which we use regularly): Whole Gospel/Whole Neighborhood, Discipleship, Artistic Movement, Holy Spirit Power, Sending Diverse Leader & Evangelism.

During our vision series The God Who Builds, we spent one week on each of these themes. Each week had a Vision Card with specific things we feel like the Lord is calling into. To dive into our practical and measurable goals in 18 month, 3 year and 5 year outcomes, you can download the PDF below.